Sunday, September 26, 2010

You can have whatever you like.

Yes! Yes, I certainly can. As long as my budget allows for it, which it has in the past couple of weeks. I went shopping, a lot! This is what happens when your boyfriend works weekends and your a loner ( I do have friends I swear. They are at the coast/studying/obsessed with their new girlfriend/fiance). Anyway, so I picked up some things mostly from Target and Cotton On and I also have some online purchases (next post). All really well priced/cheap! This is going to be a long haul, so be prepared.

p.s. Sorry in advance for the shit picture quality. My camera batteries died and mum took her camera to some family reunion today and I pressed something on my HTC to make the quality blurry and I couldn't fix it.

So, I actually got this hat on Ebay. It is the closest thing I could find to the hat I posted here. I also wore it here. I love it so much, I think it is absolutely adorable. It was just over $30 for the hat and postage within Australia.

Just a nice basic singlet from Kmart. I love the colour which you probably can't see properly - $12

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace. I got it from Diva for about $30 but I think I'm going to wear it so much this summer even with basic casual outfits to spruce them up a bit.

Top from Target for $15 odd. It actually gets tighter around the hips and is quite long.

These are from Cotton On, and I paid $5(each) for these. I originally just picked up the Khaki on and then saw the Pearl one and had to get both. These are extra long! They are long enough to be a dress, even on me (I'm 6'3"). The fabric is so light which makes them great for summer! I was wearing the Khaki one open over some basic blacks yesterday and it looked great. You could even wear it just over your swimsuit going to the beach with some nice sandals!

I got this one from Target for $13 odd. I LOVE IT. The fabric is so light. I got it one size larger then my regular size and it just is so great! I can't even tell you. You can also see it here. It's already dirty, but I had to take a picture anyway. Oops!

I got these in Myer for $55. They are actually mid thigh shorts but I was so frustrated with all the khaki shorts being too tight on my thighs and way to short. So I got these from the larger ladies section and have just rolled up the legs. They are pretty comfy, elastic waste and draw string! The Large ladies know their comfort!

So, I thought I had gotten everything photographed, then I remembered all of these...
I got these 3/4 crop pants from Katies for $32. I got a discount cause I joined the Katies club! They are also sending me a $10 voucher, YAY. These are SO comfortable. Even my boyfriend, upon feeling the fabric, said they would be great for summer!

Now, I already do have a black maxi from Supre, but the fabric is way to heavy and the spaghetti straps don't suit my shoulders. So, i picked this one up from Target for $29. Light fabric, wide strap, razor back and even a little pocket on the front - cute. Maxi's are never long enough on me because I'm so tall, so I just have to get used to the fact that no maxi will ever hit the floor on me. At least it won't get dirty, I guess.

I already have one of these skirts but I had to buy another one because I wear it like 90% of the time and I don't ever want to let it go. I picked it up from Cotton On for $10 (originally $20- Yay sales).

These are just some bike shorts from Target, I got them for $11 odd, on sale from $15. I'm actually going to wear them under some of my shorter dresses this summer for a little extra protection/comfort. I think it's a great idea! and it actually does look really cute.

I got this idea from a 13y.o blogger - Maya Ravn - from Copenhagen (I think she got it from someone else too). She is the cutest thing EVER and has a great sense of style. You probably can't tell from the pick what it looks like so see below.

OH! and this ring I got from Sportsgirl for about $10-$15