Monday, January 28, 2013

New Age Rage

Fuck everyone else, I'm taking this year back to Me.

Quite frankly, I can't handle people. People and their technology. Technology and it's shitty affect on everyone's manners.

I'm sick of being ignored. Ignored among updated statuses, cover photos and posting pics of meals to Instagram. Why is being seen online, now more important than bonding with real life, flesh humans - Flesh in the form of a friend.
I do want your interaction. I want to see your face, without the glare of a smart screen on it. I want to laugh out loud with you, for real. I want to actually tell you, with my voice, that I like your new hair cut. Hell, I want to smell your new perfume. I want to physically high-five you.

Some of my friends may call this a bit of an overreaction. I call it PMS.

I am a little concerned with our ability to connect with friends. We can take photos, edit, title, tag and upload a in a matter of seconds now. But replying to a text, confirming attendance, apologising and even acknowledging a friend, on her birthday! no less - is near impossible*. This "I'll make it up to you" thing is in your hands now. I already gave you a date and time that was good for me.

I just simply don't like being the kid in school who has the party no one shows up for.

If you want me, I'll be out by the Mailbox - Clutching my phone...


* I am also guilty of all of this. I, in fact, am the worst at replying to emails from my sister in the USA, no less. This is just a reflection of my deep disappointment in my birthday celebrations and my ability to "bring in a crowd". I still love my friends deeply

Thursday, January 10, 2013

B Day. Me Day

With my 22nd Birthday just around the corner, 2 blocks down and 10 flights up... nah, just joking. 
With only 11 days left til my 22nd Birthday, I thought it might just be fun to compile a list of things I perhaps might like to receive or could only dream about.

Get your credit cards ready..

Bamboo knitting needles in assorted sizes for purposes of the woolly kind. Available at Lincraft and Spotlight?

This bad boy from Topshop. Size 16 please and thank you.

Heaven made out of leather. Green leather. ELK

These snazzy DANISH! Duckfeet sandles. Size 44, for good measure.

A new phone - Samsung Galaxy Note II in White. Because people love technology.

This Black (Faux Pony Hair) Beauty. ASOS

Because I like making a spectacle of myself. Sigh. Karen Walker "Wizard"

Inspiration. The Sartorialist Book.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My goal this year is to set a small goal every month. And then meet that goal. Or don't.
At least set a goal....


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


So, Here we are. Another year. New Years night was nice. Not amazing, nor quiet. We had a few friends over and had a barbecue and played a card game. We lit sparklers. They faded. Then it was still. 

It's amazing how people imagine the tick over to midnight to be this sensational moment in their year. Like your heart is going to open and this feeling of peace and renewal will wash over you. Well, You still have to clean those dirty dishes in the morning and wear the same clothes and go to work with the same people.

I've decided this year I'm adding people to my mix. I did Me last year, with the whole overseas thing. Now, I want to be with Family, Friends and Strangers more. My goal this month: Get back to Boxing. Interact with people, not the couch. 
I've also found a knitting group that meets once a week - But that's another goal for another month ( a colder month).

I'm ready to integrate.

I've taken a few notes from this video and hope to slowly add them to my "routine". I almost forgot how great Marie's videos are. I resolve to watch more MarieTV. 

Welcome back f.