Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long weekend

In anticipation of my long weekend in Sydney, I have planned a few outfits and things I need to take with me, based on what I will be doing and the horrendous weather they have been having etc etc.

Left to Right: Target T-Shirt, High top Converse, Target Sandals, Kmart T-Shirt, Supre Skulls Scarf, Eat Pray Love,
Lee Jeans, Bonds Underwear, Body mist, Sunglasses, Papaw Ointment, Nivea Moisturiser, Cotton On Skirt, Seafolly Swimwear Top, Target Swimwear Bottoms, Cotton On Watch, Valley Markets Necklace, Socks

I'll need a Jacket of some kind as well but that is something I have no energy to pick out, nor am I in the mood.

I just want to eat a million Snickers bars and fall asleep in bed with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. AKA - My best friends


p.s. Madda that is your body mist - I was using it for visual effect.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tin Spaghetti

Sometimes all you need for a satisfying meal is a tin of spaghetti on the couch. After spending all day moving, cleaning and polishing furniture and hunting for cardboard boxes at the supermarket (with intervals of Sex and the City screenings) all I needed was the yellow tin of Maggi's Spaghetti with Extra Cheese Sauce.

Some of the better meals my friends and I have had recently:

I've begun (and almost finished) packing up my room into boxes. McHandsomepants and I have been accepted for a lovely unit close to the city - with blue feature walls. We sign the lease on Monday and get the keys on the 6th (a little inconvenient since I work all week - but, exciting nonetheless).

My pile of old issues of Russh and Frankie that I rediscovered (and dusted) today:

I think it's time for another Sex and the City screening in my bedroom.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saint Vs. Sinner

I feel like a sinner when I don't post for so long. I do sincerely appologise (Caitlin)- I've been busy being completely consumed with apartment hunting! Yes, I am moving out of home. My darling boyfriend asked me (only) a week ago and I have spent every night of the past week searching Realestate.com for the perfect Pad.

Wish us luck.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is basically what I wore to my first workshop involved in my Business traineeship, except my flannel is better and my black skirt is not patterned.

Quickly - Speaking of Polyvore, suddenly over night one of my creations went from four views to 29! error or excitement?

Got a special early mark today (I love those) and headed to the City and bought two CD's; Band of Horses - Infinite Arms and Kings of Leon - Come around Sundown which is playing right this minute. I'm liking it so far....probably loving it, if I dare say.