Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Take me home

Russh October November issue 36.

I've been feeling a lot lately like I just want to be at home all the time and although I do still live at home, I work full time and spend my weekends with my boyfriend. I get up at 6:30am and get home at 6pm. I need a holiday and I have never felt this feeling more in my life.
It's starting to shine outside and I can hear Stradbroke and Bryon Bay calling my name.

I'm thinking of going to Sydney for a weekend in early December to see my oldest, bestest pal. Friends for eight years. Sometimes we don't talk for as long as eight months but as soon as we pick up the phone, we are right where we left off. I love her and undoubtedly, she loves me too. I'm her 'drug'.

Her words, not mine.