Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tin Spaghetti

Sometimes all you need for a satisfying meal is a tin of spaghetti on the couch. After spending all day moving, cleaning and polishing furniture and hunting for cardboard boxes at the supermarket (with intervals of Sex and the City screenings) all I needed was the yellow tin of Maggi's Spaghetti with Extra Cheese Sauce.

Some of the better meals my friends and I have had recently:

I've begun (and almost finished) packing up my room into boxes. McHandsomepants and I have been accepted for a lovely unit close to the city - with blue feature walls. We sign the lease on Monday and get the keys on the 6th (a little inconvenient since I work all week - but, exciting nonetheless).

My pile of old issues of Russh and Frankie that I rediscovered (and dusted) today:

I think it's time for another Sex and the City screening in my bedroom.