Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long weekend

In anticipation of my long weekend in Sydney, I have planned a few outfits and things I need to take with me, based on what I will be doing and the horrendous weather they have been having etc etc.

Left to Right: Target T-Shirt, High top Converse, Target Sandals, Kmart T-Shirt, Supre Skulls Scarf, Eat Pray Love,
Lee Jeans, Bonds Underwear, Body mist, Sunglasses, Papaw Ointment, Nivea Moisturiser, Cotton On Skirt, Seafolly Swimwear Top, Target Swimwear Bottoms, Cotton On Watch, Valley Markets Necklace, Socks

I'll need a Jacket of some kind as well but that is something I have no energy to pick out, nor am I in the mood.

I just want to eat a million Snickers bars and fall asleep in bed with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. AKA - My best friends


p.s. Madda that is your body mist - I was using it for visual effect.