Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I bought myself some new trainers over the weekend. I have been wearing the same $20 sneakers from Kmart for about the past 5 years, so I decided since I'm committed to Fitbox four times a week I should invest in some better quality trainers. I got the new Adidas Fluid Trainers in Black and White for about $140 at Rebel Sports.
I was wearing my Converse when I went into the city to buy them, and in comparison, the Fluids are so flexible and light - they make me want to bounce around all day.
I had picked them out online about a week before I actually decided to buy them and I was a bit worried about the design, because of the mesh on the side of the shoes I thought maybe you would be able to see through it to my white socks, but I was happily surprised when I couldn't.

When I got home, I put them on straight away.....and sat on the couch. I was so pumped to go for a walk in them and then the couch sucked all my energy out of me. We did end up going for a walk just around our neighbourhood though. The Fluids are so comfy; the mesh sides let the breeze in! I think my feet were pretty happy with my new sock and shoe combo (new socks were an emergency purchase when I forgot to pack mine for Fitbox last week).

Scott and I decided to go for a big walk to Kangaroo Point on Sunday. 10 minutes in I was already disappointed because I got a blister! I was so bummed. They were fine on Saturday! I'll just have to keep wearing them to break them in a little more I guess.

I'm thinking about doing the Bridge to Brisbane with a friend in September. Walking of course! Geez. I'm not that fit...yet.