Sunday, March 24, 2013


Sometimes you just need to change things up.

It started with a thought. 'What would we do if we ever had to free up our spare bedroom. Where would the extra computer go? Where would Scott sit?' And it all just came to me.

I knew I needed a longer slimmer desk for the entry way, so we could both sit down with our laptops. I also knew that I needed a set of great matching chair, instead of our mismatched office swivel chairs. Seeing replica Eames Dining Chairs at Target, of all places, I knew that was the only option. I NEEDED THEM. How can I walk past a great design at a ridiculous price. I just can't. It is not even a matter of will power. It's a matter of great style. Simple.

We took a trip to Ikea and came home with a few things. Including this Occasional Table. Long, Slim and simple. I grabbed this set of Steel castor draws from Mums place to make up for the lack of storage. I added a faux sheep skin rug (Ikea) to my chair for a bit of feminine fun.

The two boys below, sit on the wall behind our couch now. 
Frames- Ikea. Posters - Frankie Magazine

 Some of my other favourites from our unit.

The new throw (Ikea) on our couch.
I love the bright parrots (David Jones) against our retro dusty red tub chairs.

I love this oversized world map canvas (Bargain City) we have above our bed.
The Wooden  Deer head, was a gift from Scotty for Christmas. Best Gift Ever.

A one of a kind drawing by my Danish cousin that I can't get enough of (Frame- Target).
Aboriginal Art calendar in the kitchen.