Saturday, February 2, 2013

Count the ways

"I met Judson Conway the first day I came to the ranch. He was the first thing I set eyes on after that long drive up that big Wyoming mountain, and I kind of fell in love with him. I didn't fall in love with Judson like "Let's get married!" I fell in love with him like "Mercy!" Because here was Judson Conway at that moment: slim, handsome, hidden slightly under a cowboy hat, and appealingly dusty. All he had to do was stroll by me with his sexy swagger (classically executed, in the Hollywood manner of Pardon-me-ma'am-but-I-just-came-off-a-long-ride), and I was a believer.
I was attracted to Judson because I was a girl and he was beautiful and I wasn't friggin' blind... "

- Elizabeth Gilbert
  The Last American Man

This is why I love her. Only 22 pages in and I'm already head over heals.