Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Art Shmart

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Aren't these drawings (unconventionally) great? (from here) I could do this!

Isn't is amazing how, to be considered an artist you used to have to be able to draw and produce inexplicably amazing pictures and now, this is all it takes? You can be plain old Sally Somebody and just draw what you eat. Don't get the wrong idea here, I really do enjoy these and am so glad that the art scene/society has 'lowered its standards' so to speak, to be able to consider the drawer of these images, an Artist (She actually is a really great artist, though).
True comradery *
*I don't know if this is the right sentiment

Does this mean I can call myself an artist too?

My humble interpretation of the ordinary office telephone - I won't be expecting the term 'Artist' anytime soon.


Artist found in frankie