Monday, August 16, 2010


God, Don't you just LOVE Ikea!? I sure as heck do. Everything about it - The names, the style, the smell (weird, I know), the Swedish meatballs in the cafeteria, picking out the furniture, the prices (!) and bringing the boxes home ready to assemble.

I only decided on Friday night that I wanted a new desk and Ikea was the obvious thing to Google. I found one almost straight away and it was the perfect size to fit into my little corner (and the perfect price, too). By Saturday afternoon it was in my pieces. It took all my strength to assemble the bloody thing, but that's my favourite part - Not only did I buy the desk, I assembled the shit out of it! (except for one minor mix up which delayed me about 10 minutes - running around the house, "WHERE ARE THE PLIERS?")

Dangerous place that Ikea. If I went in there with a full pay cheque ...well, who knows what I would come out with - It sure as hell wouldn't be that pay cheque.


New Ikea cushion that I have been eyeing for about 5 months. Mine at last!