Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Bonanza

Yesterday I turned 20. I'm in my Twenties. I'm not a teenager anymore.

I had a pretty fabulous day. I woke up to find that McHandsomepants took the day off work.

I spent the morning watching an episode of Grand Designs. Gave myself a facial and 20 minutes time out from everything. Went to the city. Had Starbucks. Picked out my Birthday present from McHandsomepants. Found that my Business class got cancelled. Went back to the city. Bought myself a pair of Sunglasses (50% off). Watched bad TV on the couch with a cup of noodles. Wore a dress I've never worn before and didn't care what people thought. Had a wonderful dinner with my family. Had drinks with a few of my closest friends and fell asleep next to the man I love.

I think my Twenties are going to be my best yet.


Twenty and Fabulous