Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm feeling a little over indulgent today. Perhaps it is because I have just bought myself a flash new Laptop - and have Alexa Chung as my background.
On Tuesday night, disaster finally struck - my long-time Laptop crashed. I knew it was coming, we had been together for about 5-6 years. I had been working him too hard recently and I guess he just decided it was time. Good timing though, the Bastard didn't even give me time to back up any of my stuff!

I'm actually about to walk over to Spotlight to pick up some things so I can make myself a laptop case/sleeve. I got some fabulous materials yesterday while I was in the city with my friend Tash. I found the most perfect Electric Blue and also some zebra print for the inside lining. I'm going to have a busy afternoon.

I was a little inspired by the feeling of indulgence so I decided to create another Polyvore set.