Monday, January 2, 2012


I guess this is 2012.

All I know is, this year is full of change for me. I am currently in Santa Barbara, California. Next week I will be in New Fucking York and then, I'm jetting to Copenhagen where I will be living for the next year.

A new country, new climate, new language, new family, new friends, new job, new home, new town, new Freya? Who knows.

Resolutions? To be fluent in Danish - But I think that is a given since I will be in the land of the Danes. I want to be a better conversationalist. A better writer. A better blogger? I want to draw more.

2012 is also going to be one of the most difficult and challenging years. Two months without my man, a year without my family and my amazing friends, who at this moment, I miss like crazy.

In 2011 I cleaned a flooded home, spaced out with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, took up Boxing, walked 10km for charity, skipped a heartbeat watching Lykke Li at Parklife, had a picnic in a park, saw my sister, kicked it at Kings of Leon, I was host to my oldest friend. I had dinner dates and ate ice cream with my closest friends. I danced all year, with one very special lady. I made big decisions, I made small decisions. I bought a one way ticket. I didn't get the chance to write a letter of resignation. I packed up and moved out and back in. I said 'see you soon', not goodbye. I got on a big jet plane, all by myself. To find myself.

That's what 2012 will be. A search for Freya. Whoever she is.