Thursday, January 10, 2013

B Day. Me Day

With my 22nd Birthday just around the corner, 2 blocks down and 10 flights up... nah, just joking. 
With only 11 days left til my 22nd Birthday, I thought it might just be fun to compile a list of things I perhaps might like to receive or could only dream about.

Get your credit cards ready..

Bamboo knitting needles in assorted sizes for purposes of the woolly kind. Available at Lincraft and Spotlight?

This bad boy from Topshop. Size 16 please and thank you.

Heaven made out of leather. Green leather. ELK

These snazzy DANISH! Duckfeet sandles. Size 44, for good measure.

A new phone - Samsung Galaxy Note II in White. Because people love technology.

This Black (Faux Pony Hair) Beauty. ASOS

Because I like making a spectacle of myself. Sigh. Karen Walker "Wizard"

Inspiration. The Sartorialist Book.