Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fun fact

that you didn't know about me. I have a tattoo. I'm not the kind of person to get a tattoo just because, so of course there is meaning and reasoning for this one. I was named after the Norse Goddess of love, Freya. It is said that she owned a cloak made of bird feathers and when she wore it she could turn into a bird. My bird is like my guardian angel, he is tucked under my wing helping me to fly and be myself. I also remember having very real dreams as a kid where I could just flap my arms and fly. I wish I still had those dreams.

I haven't named him, but I'm certain he is a boy. I got him last year with my sister when she was visiting from California. She is covered in tattoos and all of them are amazing. She is arriving (again) on Saturday morning and I am more then excited! She said there may be another visit to the tattoo parlour[Pip did mine], perhaps I will sit this one out. This is what she got last year.

Can't wait to see the next one