Saturday, July 31, 2010

Q: What feels like, looks like and smells like summer?

A: Winter in Brisbane.
Who told them to turn the heat up? I was enjoying the cold weather. But I do enjoy me some sunshine. Ridiculously gorgeous "winter" day.

I thought I'd share a few things. I've been busy chillin' on the couch with my sister - Laptop Club. That's no excuse though, I know.

My 'new' shoes that arrived in the post over a month ago.

My lovely new SOOT headbands, they make me happy.

My very new bag. I purchased this little baby from Target on Thursday night for $17.50 - original price $40. I surprised even myself by finding that I don't own a small black bag, and when I saw this there was no questioning, it had to be mine.

Russh, I'm sorry to say, hasn't been impressing me lately. I'm very disappointed :(

My collection of Blazers. I am in LOVE with Blazers. Black, Grey and even Beige.

..and a special little treat. Arnotts, I love thee.

Tonight I am off to a BBQ with my 6 pack of Rum and Coke under my arm.