Monday, July 19, 2010


I had a long weekend - My older brother and sister, Mchandsomepants and I had a picnic in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens on Friday. Was such a beautiful day. Parked at Southbank and strolled across the bridge, through QUT and sat under a huge shady tree.


Botanic Gardens

Picnic feast

Historical Building in QUT

Saturday, Mum, my sister and I payed a visit to GoMA, Ron Mueck exhibition. It was just as amazing the second time around - better even, I didn't take pictures this time so I had my full attention on the art.

Brisbane's Batman Building

On Sunday, Mchandsomepants, my brother, sister and I went ROLLERSKATING! It was so fun - I skated on the carpet most of the time haha. We were only there for about an hour and a half - There were about 4 kids birthday parties on. I was quite embarrassed at how much better they were at skating then I was. I probably looked like a fool holding onto the wall and my boyfriends hand - but I felt awesome nonetheless.

Today I had another day off, but only because I'm sick and unfit to work (lol) but really... after sleeping in 20 minutes, leaving no time to put on my makeup I decided I couldn't stand it anymore and went to the Doctors to get some anti-biotics. I came home and sat in the shower for maybe 20 minutes :S I spent all day in bed watching Seinfeld and eventually had a nap - for 3 hours. Feeling a lot better now.
Tomorrow Mum, my sister and I are all getting One hour massages and spas :) Happy Birthday my beautiful sister