Friday, June 18, 2010

Before I go to bed,

I thought I'd share a few things. As I briefly mentioned before, DO NOT go shopping when you are tired! Especially after your first week as a full-time employee at 6pm on a busy Friday night in the City. Bad idea. Thoughts and reasoning skills severely diminish. To all the innocent shoppers, I'm sorry - I probably looked like a zombie walking around the shops touching everything that looked pretty.


1) Cap sleeved, scoop neck tops. Creme Lace(Target) and Pink Tiered (Myer - might return, haven't decided) 2) Khaki Jacket (Sportsgirl) 3) Dark blue velvet sequined soft Clutch (Sportsgirl/AMAZING!!??)

And here is that green top (of mine) I mentioned a couple of posts ago:

AND here is what I slapped on as soon as I got home - My old flanalette and fur jumper!?? (not mine - borrowed[stole] from my sisters house) It's OK to feel pretty even if you are just sitting on the couch with no bra on!