Friday, June 25, 2010


Didn't you get the memo!? IT'S WINTER.
I am surprised at how many women - especially the younger generation aren't rugging up. Girls are still walking around the city at night in short shorts and singlets. I can't tell if I want to slap them in the face or throw them a snuggie. It's not like jackets are 'so not right now', you can actually find some great coats/jackets/cardigans around this season.
And don't you dare think you are getting out of this, mature age ladies! The professional women are almost just as bad -I see women in the morning and after work (coldest parts of the day) just in blouses or long sleeve shirts. I know you are in an office all day but it isn't that hard to throw on a jacket in the morning.

Doesn't anyone listen to their mums anymore?