Thursday, June 17, 2010


How much do you love ABBA!?? F@#K YEAH!

Working 9-5 ain't so bad but the weekends have never seemed so far away. This week I got my first/last pay cheques. Goodbye Target! (I still have my discount card, shh!)

Since McHandsomepants is working all weekend, I've decided to go shopping. ALONE - I do it best when I don't have people with me. I'm heading into Fortitude Valley and Paddington for some Op-shopping and to find me some of these baby's (here) If I remember correctly, I posted a picture of me wearing the Large Ivory Rosey Posey Headband (not mine) from the Races here

I REALLY want to get the Wooly Rose Headband and the Small Ivory Rosey Posey Headband! If I can't find them at the stockists I will have to bite the bullet and pay $10 postage.


DIY project. Yesterday after work I went into Lowes (A horrible cheap mens clothing store) and bought a pair of mens trousers/chino pants. I spent about 2.5 hours on the sewing machine - 1.5 hours longer then I should have, stopping every 5 minutes to fix the thread. I (eventually) finished with a pair of pants that will hopefully look like this. I know there are millions of these style of pants in the shops this season but none fit me properly - My thighs are too thick (right on sista!) So I thought, DO IT YOURSELF. I haven't sewn anything in a long time - I remember why.

Pics soon