Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh My

So last night was a bust! It ended up just being me and my friend Kar. We still had cocktails in West End (The Sling Lounge/Bar) but only stayed out for 2 hours haha. I still had a wonderful time though.

I would have liked to go out tonight for dinner and a movie - Sex and the City 2, perhaps - but I don't have many friends haha and my boyfriend is at work :( So instead, I locked myself in my room and went through my jewellery draw!
A picture for the nosy birds.

I thought I had more rings then this. I only wear about 5 of them.

I got the three chain necklace with the diamond cross from a 'friend' for one of my birthdays. She thought I was gothic/emo or was trying to say something mean about my style - The necklace is one of those chains you hook to your belt loops on jeans. But now I wear it as a necklace :) so cuss you! The other chain is just ...chain? I got it from a fabric store. It is actually really long, hangs to about my hips so I've just doubled it over here.

I got this a few years ago in Target (before I worked there) I think it is so cool! I had totally forgotten about it, it just sits in my jewelery draw now. I put old pendants and chains etc in it. I think I might actually start using it again :)