Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grand Design

I would have to say that my all time favourite program is Grand Designs. I could watch it for hours on end. I have.
I love seeing how people lay out their houses and the process involved in building a home from scratch. But I have to say I enjoy most of all to see the finished product: To see how people furnish their homes and how their fantasies of a space come to fruition. It is hard to deny that Kevin McCloud is not a major draw factor as well. Always doubtful and forever impressed.

For almost one year now I have been designing my 'Grand Design' in my head, and it is almost finished. I know exactly how I want my home to look and if I close my eyes, I can imagine walking through the house. I know where every corner of a wall ends and where the furniture will sit. Maybe I am crazy, but I know that one day I will build and live in my dream home.

I suppose one of the biggest parts of designing my home is how it should look on the inside. I want there to be colour, light and art and bookshelves that run to the ceiling.
I have thought a lot about what art I want in the house. Sometimes I think I want a few large paintings but then I go to and all that changes. I want my walls to be covered in framed prints and canvases from this website. It has EVERYTHING. If I would allow myself, I could spend a week sifting through the pictures. I spent a little while on the website this afternoon between episodes of GD and I am particularly smitten with the animal prints at the moment.

 I love 'Sketch' art - This one reminded me of my Grandpa, who owned a race horse called Billy Blue Jeans.

 I would love to see a large print of this, so much detail in all the sea creatures.

 I am totally in love with this fish print - I love the vintage 'anatomy' style prints.

 JELLYFISH - Just jellyfish. I could have a whole room dedicated to these prints. So rad!

 The only decent print I could find of a Ladybug! Gorgeous colours.

 I am not exactly sure what my fascination is with Flamingos but I think they are so They are pink birds! and they stand on one leg. What could be better.

I love how you can click to the artists other work, if you see a print you like - There could be so many more amazing prints to discover! Good gift ideas too! I could be so stoked with anything from this website. Dear God. Can I just become a print hoarder now? I think I would be one happy lady in a home filled with these images.