Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello sunshine

I am sitting at home today instead of being at work. I threw my back out over the weekend, I guess. I don't actually remember what happened. I work as a Housekeeper at one of the hotels in Copenhagen. It is unbelievably hard work. I come home every afternoon after summoning all my energy to cycle home again and shuffle into the shower, eat all the food in my cupboard and take a nap. Repeat every weekend.
I occasionally work on Tuesdays when I have the day off school. So, between school and work, I hardly ever get a chance to sleep in. It was nice to have that opportunity today, even though I only slept 'til 8am.

I am official on Summer holidays next Monday - After I finish class. I am praying that the weather perks up in the next week. I really would like to get a feel for Danish summer before I make my move home (less than 7 weeks to go!) At the moment my face is pretty tanned. My arms are catching up but I don't even want to know what's happening with my legs. After wearing jeans or some form of pant since December, it can only be bad. Plus I haven't shaved my legs since Scott left in May. That's awkward to admit. Lets move on...

I went shopping for the first time in a very long time. I finally have some money to waste - That I really shouldn't waste. I get my next pay soon, so, I figured spending a little cash wouldn't leave me homeless. Getting payed monthly sucks! I only went to H&M but I got a few things. Summer appropriate.

 - Specs with rose gold hard wear
 - New make-up case. Old one was looking manky and crusty.
 - Ponytail clip. So excited to try this
- Chignon. Helps to create the perfect bun! I love wearing my hair in a bun but I can never get it to look nice and tidy, so this will help me to create that.

I am so in love with the floral dress! I got it in the H&M+ section, cause I like my dresses flowy. It has cute little pockets on the front too. The black tunic is also from H&M+ in a few sizes up from my norm. It is still a  tad too short to wear alone, so I will probably have to wear a black skirt or shorts underneath.
I had it in my head that I wanted a nice scarf but some of the ones I saw weren't complimenting my skin well enough. I haven't been wearing make-up for a few months and with the slight tan I have, all the pretty pinks made me look too red and spotty. The one I picked up is like a really light turquoise with bits of yellow and pink. I really want to try wearing it as a turban but I think it is slightly too big for that. I'll make it work somehow.

It is supposed to be about 20 degrees today but it has been cloudy and little overcast all morning. Only now is the sun shining a bit. Maybe I should head out for a ride - If I can mount my bike with this back issue!
I really hope I get a chance to wear my new dresses soon. I don't want to have to wait until summer in Brisbane. Although, it is summer almost all year round there. God, I miss it.