Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oh Brother

Happy Birthday Beau!

Today is my little brothers 20th birthday. I am not home in Australia so all I can do is write.

Beau has always been the type of kid who, when asked to do something, won't do it straight away. He will get to it in his own time and by his own means - Beau's way is best. God knows he has a million other things running through his mind. He is creative, he is intelligent,  he designs websites, he plays the drums for Brisbane based band, The Stormchasers. He is a boyfriend, a younger brother, a son, a friend and a character. He does one hundred things at once, and he could easily manage a hundred more. He frustrates me to no end, but only because I wish I had his ability to be so free.

He is the youngest of four, the tallest of all, and pretty infamous in our brood.
Beau has: Spray painted "BEAUS" on the front of our family home, cut the phone cord to get Mums attention, put a sandwich in the VCR player just because he "wanted to see it on TV". He jumped off the back of the couch because he thought he could fly and consequently broke his arm. He kicked a goose. He wrote poems along the lines of ..."A cat in a hat sat on a mat" and sold them to Dad and his friends for 50cents. All well before the age of seven.

Me and baby Beau

Beau can and will do anything. The world is his and he knows it. If anything or anyone gets in his way, he'll just kick a mother fucker.

I love you Beauy! Hope you are having an amazing day.
Love, your big sister.

One of my favourites by The Stormchasers