Monday, June 25, 2012

You rock my world

The weather here in Copenhagen has been positively shit recently. I want to punch the sky in the face but I won't out of respect to this lovely country... plus that is impossible. It is supposed to be summer here. There are some traces that this part of the world knows this fact but the sun only shines a couple of times every other week and even then you should still lug a jacket and umbrella around, just in case.

What was the point of today's post? Oh yeah! Michael Jackson! Great segway. Today is the third year anniversary of MJ's death. Major sad face. 

The first memory I have of even knowing who Michael was, was when I was really really young. All my family still lived under the same roof and my big brother and sister were playing with their new Mac PC. I remember they were playing with the record function and I said into the microphone "I want to marry Michael Jackson" - I don't remember if they told me to say it or not but I know I said it. I remember his first film clip I saw on Video Hits - I think it was "You rock my world". It is still my favourite song to this day and I always play it when I need cheering up.

I really do feel this big sadness inside, that I can not dance like him. I have tried to learn to moonwalk and I wish I had the patience to master it. But honestly, no one will ever do it as well as the original.

- God, he is still in his exceptionally good looking stage in this video. 

He just looks so natural moving and shaking around that stage. I wish it came that easy to me.
Instead I will just show my support in other ways. I have two MJ T-shirts - one I scored in a Thrift store for TWO DOLLARS! I also just started reading "You are not alone. Michael: Through a brother's eyes" by Jermaine Jackson. I waited until I was in USA to get a copy because the cover they released in Aus wasn't as cute as the American one. Hehe.

I met a guy in my boxing class last year, appropriately named Michael - We pretty much bonded over the fact that we both love MJ. One day he came to class and had a big yellow envelope for me. Inside was the Ebony Magazine Special Tribute to Michael Jackson published after his death. I am so glad I got to see this!! I took it to work with me and secretly scanned some of my favourite pages when no one was looking.


- Those facial expressions and those moves! Ugh!

While I was in California visiting my sister, we took a drive out to see Neverland Ranch. Probably the most excited I have ever been. You can't actually see the property from the road but you can go up the the gates. I touched the gate. And took a leaf from the tree out front. I still have it, pressed in a journal somewhere. I wrote a little message on a stone. I think I wrote "I will always love you, MJ". In retrospect I should have written "You rock my world" - Maybe next time.

It is absolutely amazing how much love there is, outside those gates, for one of the most misunderstood human beings in this world.